Love for the beautiful yearning

Taj Mahal for the sake of love, this love of life because the splendor of the Taj Mahal was writing, the time of reincarnation, life and growth in nature. Taj Mahal is still beyond the meaning of simple architecture, quietly beautiful, not for others, only for the hearts of the world that a good yearning for love.


World famous historical and cultural city

 Venice customs generally can not get away from boiling water, winding lanes, flowing ha, like a love girl silently, pour a gentle eye. Its architecture, painting, sculpture, opera and so on have the extremely important status and the influence in the world.


 Paris is an incomparable City

Paris is a historic city, conference capital, creative city and gourmet paradise. Paris residents bring colorful vitality to this dream city, forming a unique mark of flora. Paris is a world famous fashion and romantic, Lierke once said, "Paris is a city of incomparable.


 The Roman Colosseum

The influence of ancient culture of Rome early in its own tradition by Etruscan and Greek culture, absorb its essence and fused. After third Century BC, Rome became a powerful country in the Mediterranean region, its culture is also highly developed.


A symbol of romance

Aegean Sea (alpha gamma iota alpha PI lambda alpha gamma / /), the world famous tourist resort, located between the Greek peninsula and Asia Minor Peninsula, which is part of the mediterranean.


 The most beautiful mountain carving

 The terraced ground Banaue sky, facing the canyon, a few hundred meters high and. Terraced fields of green seedlings with green mountains. The mountain clear water, or from irrigation or self waterfalls, gurgling sound can be heard without end.